This shouldn’t be called honey

Smuckers Honey On a recent business trip I stayed at my usual hotel that offers a “free hot breakfast.”  It’s not the greatest, and I’m not a breakfast person to begin with.  But one morning I wandered down to grab some toast or cereal.

Along with the usual individual containers of jams and jellies, I also noticed a sizable bowl of these single serving honey packets.  I was very impressed and enthused.  Any opportunity where honey is promoted was good, I thought.

Until I tasted it.

I can’t describe what it was….but it tasted processed and almost chemical like.  Certainly not like my honey, or any other honey I’ve had as far as I can remember.  There was no indication of where it came from, whether it was foreign or domestic.

Is this what is passing for honey in the mind of consumers?  I guess it just emphasizes what a role and a challenge we have in making sure the consumer is educated.  Once someone has real honey, I can’t see how they would ever eat something like this.


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